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Fresh ideas with lots of heart and good humor… respectful, character-driven, non-violent, brave… Entertainment with integrity, imagination, and spirit.

Incandescent  Films creates intelligent and beautiful film and video programs about nature, history, and personal courage. Producing award-winning documentaries and docudramas for television broadcast in Canada, Incandescent Films endeavours to create good programs which touch and enrich the audience.


Professional but Personal

Award winning Film and video

Documentaries and Short Drama

Donna Caruso

producer, writer, director

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TWIXT HEAVEN AND EARTH…The beautiful and  powerful Swainson’s Hawk, nesting on the Canadian prairie, is visited by Dr. Stuart Houston and his team of bird banders, and followed to its wintering grounds on the pampas of Argentina. The Swainson’s Hawk’s recovery from the largest bird kill on record marks a watershed event – an international, cooperative effort to foster the protection of migratory birds. Nature documentary, 1 hour

HOUSTON and the GREAT HORNED OWLS, 50 year veteran bird bander, Dr. Stuart Houston trecks through the forest to band baby owls,  and discusses and explains the findings of his wilderness study of the Great Horned Owl. 1 hour nature documentary

CHASING THE CURE…Before the discovery of antibiotics, TB patients were isolated in Sanatoria far away from family and friends. Tuberculosis was an epidemic; contagious; no cure available; the only hope for recovery was rest, years of it.. This is the story of the human spirit in adversity. A story of hope, of community, and of the resources within us that make us whole. Documentary, 1 hour

TO THE HEALTH OF US ALL!, Tuberculosis is back and in our shrinking world it has resurfaced as a real danger. Dealing with TB poses questions regarding universal health care, globalization, and the shaping of the world we envision for the new millenium. 1 hour documentary  More…

TOP BRASS: …the little band that could … From the seven year old beginner band students who struggle to play their first note, to the grinding dedication of the senior students striving for victory in international competition, this story bursts with heart and irony, like a fairy tale where greatness emerges from obscurity. TOP BRASS: FIRST CLASS, A GOOD NEWS STORY ABOUT YOUTH. Featuring the Regina Lions Junior Band    Documentary, 1 hour

DOLL HOSPITAL a beautifully told true story with the with the warmth of a memoir… the subject is breast cancer.  Shot on 16 mm film. 1 hour literary documentary

THE HONEY CHILDREN Three Mennonite brothers in their 60’s finally confront their young mother’s tragic death. 1 hour documentary

RAPTURE OF THE DEEP, CANADIAN POET, ANNE SZUMIGALSKI,  profile of the brilliant and engaging Governor General’s Award winning poet. 1 hour documentary

STORY ALBUM, two intimate and moving short stories about an Italian childhood woven together with beautiful imagery and read by the author, I hour literary documentary.

MG DREAMS…The story of a boy, his dream girl, and an ultra-cool, red, MG. Owen must face up to the forces which define him as the boy he is, confront them, and become the man he was meant to be. Drama, 20 minutes.