Life Without Borders – Season #1


Along with the regulars from COFFEE ROW,  THE HARDWARE GUYS, and the GRAVEL ROAD SHOW,  LIFE WITHOUT BORDERS takes a look at farming in Saskatchewan. Included in  this show are an excerpt from the 1936 film, HARVESTING METHODS, and visits to the Motherwell Homestead, Bill Saville the harness maker, and lifelong intellectual and farmer, Bob Ferguson. LIFE WITHOUT BORDERS. Watch it. Learn something.

Show #2 THE  WIND

Everyone in Saskatchewan has a story about the wind. In addition to the LIFE WITHOUT BORDERS regulars from the hardware stores  and coffee row, this show includes a feature on the windmills in southwestern Saskatchewan and the wind power generated by them.

However, the hot air coming off COFFEE ROW is also a natural force worthy of contention. LIFE WITHOUT BORDERS.  Watch it. Learn something.


In this LIFE WITHOUT BORDERS show, two lifelong friends go fishing, the Osprey goes fishing, an archival photo montage shows all manner of people from the past who have gone fishing, but nobody, no person no fishing eagle nobody, catches any fish. This show is really about being skunked. So much of life’s really important lessons can be learned through fishing: patience, learning to tell a good lie, how to find peace and tranquility in your failures and in your addictions. LIFE WITHOUT BORDERS.  Watch it. Learn something.

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