To the Health of Us All!

Shirley Douglas



one hour documentary

Germs don’t know any boundaries. As the world opens up, the risks for most people increase. Today, one-third of the world’s population is infected with TB.

That’s two billion people world wide.

“In the 1960’s short course chemotherapy could cure any individual person from TB, and yet today we’re looking at the possibility of an incurable disease in the future, multi-drug resistant, extraordinarily expensive to treat with few drugs available to treat it. What does that tell us about ourselves?”  …  Dr. Solomon Benatar, medical ethicist

“We know the cause, we know how to treat it, we know how to prevent it, and yet it’s still epidemic around the world.  It’s a socio-economic disease. It goes along with overcrowding, under-nutrition, poor hydration, no water supply, and no sewer system.”  Dr. Earl Hershfield, Canadian National Lab

“In Peru, the Peruvian government made TB a priority in the early 1990’s and as a result of that Peru developed a very strong TB control program which became a model for the developing world. Even in the worse conditions of poverty, there are always ways to find solutions.” Dr. Brian Graham, Canadian Lung Association

Is it Health  vs  Wealth?

The interest payment alone on Ecuador’s debt to the World Bank is  55%  of its gross national product every year, and impedes health care programs such as  TB control. Doctors from Canada are constantly fighting more than just TB germs in third world countries when trying to bring about improved health care.

In our ever-shrinking world the question has become not can we afford universal health care, but rather, can we afford NOT to have it?

Shooting for TO THE HEALTH OF US ALL!  took place in Ecuador and Peru, on Red Earth Reserve in Northern Saskatchewan; at Canada’s National Lab in Winnipeg; and in West Park Hospital, Toronto.